Why GAGNONtax?

Big tax challenges – past, present, and future – require big focus, not always big firms. People work with GAGNONtax because we have all the expertise and experience of the Big Four, but not the layers and layers of people and processes. We look at your specific challenges to find your perfect balance between risk and reward. Whether through tax consulting, tax compliance, or tax technology services, our focus is always on helping you and your team as individuals.

Aren’t you just a Massachusetts firm?

Not in the least! Our expertise and experience span across the United States for federal, state, and local tax strategies. And, of course, our technology works everywhere! Take a look at our “Meet Our Clients” map. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how and where we have helped people—people just like you.

How big are you?

We are large enough to bring you the most up-to-date and sophisticated tax strategies and technologies available, but small enough to get to know you and your business on a very personal level. Our size is what makes us special. The Big Four have their place, for sure. But we have ours too. Plus, as a privately-owned company, we answer only to our clients’ needs, not to investors’.

Who are your clients?

We are humbled, truly, by the number of smart, thriving, and well-known brands on and off the Fortune 500 who trust us with their tax strategy and tax technology challenges. You can see a representative list of our clients on our Clients page.

What don’t you do?

Would you believe us if we said that we did everything? We certainly hope not because we do not. Nor do we want to. We are the first to tell you when we are not the best choice for you, but first, let’s have a discussion about what you truly need. Our answer might differ from what you hear from other firms.

Who on your team would I work with?

Who wouldn’t you? One of the reasons our clients love us is that every client receives partner-level attention during their engagement with us; in the beginning, middle, and the end. The reason we stay small is so we can provide that kind of special, senior-level support to our clients, not just because we love doing it, but because that’s what you deserve.