Tax Audit Defense

Controversy happens. Sometimes you just get lucky and don’t get your number called, but when it does, lack of controversy or the dreaded (yes, we said dreaded) “no-change” either means you have likely been too conservative with your filing positions or you just plain old missed something and the auditor wants to get out of there before you realize it.

They say defense wins football games, but nobody has ever won a Super Bowl without scoring any points.

Yes, it’s called audit “defense” for a reason, but when you do find yourself under audit, develop an offensive game plan as well. There are always areas where you could have been a little more aggressive or where you could develop positions that can be utilized to offset detrimental proposed adjustments.

We take this holistic approach to audit defense. Our goal is to minimize the assessment in the most cost-efficient manner so that your tax folks can move on to more pressing and value-added matters. Unlike football, there is not always a winner and a loser in the world of controversy. Compromise is often the right strategy.

We have provided audit defense and appeals services before the IRS and in all the major U.S. states (and most of the minor ones), generally in the areas of corporate income and sale/use taxation. Where appropriate, we work with local resources, particularly as cases climb the ladder of the appeals process. With the assistance of local counsel, we have even brought one case to the state supreme court level. We won 8-0, by the way, and secured our client a $7 million refund.

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