Risk/Issue Mitigation

Tax skeletons in the closet? Maybe you have balance sheet reserves for tax liabilities you would like to resolve. Or maybe you know you have exposure for nexus-related or other noncompliance.

Whether for income/franchise/gross receipts tax, sales/use tax or unclaimed property, GAGNONtax has frequently identified phantom or reduceable exposure items in client reserves. We have also successfully navigated voluntary disclosure or amnesty applications in most states, including in cases where clients are technically ineligible for relief.

Through proven processes, we have been able to save clients millions of dollars in tax, penalties and interest. When auditors suddenly demand quantification of exposure items in one or many jurisdictions we can quickly determine realistic and supportable amounts. We also develop an actionable plan to resolve these liabilities.

Even in states where a company is apparently ineligible for the benefits of a voluntary disclosure program (such as when already registered), we are frequently able to arrange for an 'informal voluntary disclosure' to satisfactorily minimize and resolve exposure.

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