Nexus/Filing Determinations

In the wake of the Wayfair case, no one has all the answers when it comes to income/franchise/gross receipts or sales/use tax nexus. Applicable rules among the states were already varied and unclear, and you can expect a flurry of law changes as states rush to gain a share of new tax revenue.

We closely monitor changing nexus rules and can provide you with technical guidance whenever and wherever you need it. More importantly, GAGNONtax provides you with practical, actionable solutions to minimize both the administrative burden of compliance and the risk created by noncompliance.

In our experience, it is nearly impossible for a multijurisdictional business to get tax compliance 100% right. GAGNONtax makes sure you are aware of all material noncompliance, and can help you become compliant in a manner that is sensitive to budgetary, resource or other constraints specific to your company.

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