Provision for Income Taxes

Tax provision preparation and the associated tasks of identifying and measuring risk are front and center in today’s world. What used to be more of an annual process with a little bit of quarterly pencil pushing has become a year-round concern. With even the smallest of companies doing business on a global scale, and the ever-increasing complexities of U.S., state and international tax law (hello, tax reform), the preparation of your quarterly tax provision can be a daunting and anxiety-provoking activity.

We provide tax technical resources to assist in this process. Whether you are looking to fully outsource the preparation of your provision under ASC 740 (f/k/a FAS 109) or for resources to assist in the identification, documentation and measurement of risk pursuant to ASC 740-10 (f/k/a FIN 48), we will help you find the perfect balance between human talent and technology to meet your needs.

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