ProVisionGt – Tax Provision Software

From corporations, large and small, to mid-size CPA firms, tax professionals are saying goodbye to the string of spreadsheets they use to manage worldwide tax provisions. Why? ProVisionGt is a far better alternative. It is more than tax provision software, it is an online platform that will:

  • Protect data integrity
  • Increase productivity and collaboration
  • Create clear audit visibility

Like everything from GAGNONtax, ProVisionGt was created by a dedicated team of tax professionals who are also technology experts. It has a newly re-designed user experience with intuitive navigation and data entry.

Plus, few other tax provision software solutions can boast a practically flat learning curve. Data is entered just as in a spreadsheet or through one of our convenient import templates and can be rolled forward, period over period. This convenience eliminates the risk of deleting or corrupting—or flat out losing—important data from prior periods.

Want to add a new entity—or maybe a dozen of them—to address your changing landscape? No problem. You can do that in ProVisionGt without altering your entire configuration.

With GAGNONtax ProVisionGt, it is possible to input your company information and see accurate provision reporting in no time—maybe even a day! Here’s how:

Simplify the Process

  • Easily enter data
  • Confidently make changes without the worry of impacting other worksheets
  • Roll forward previous provisions to ensure consistency, quarter over quarter/year over year
  • Export your data directly into Excel, PDF or print, at the most granular level for unlimited analytics

Trust Your Results

  • Built-in audit trail identifies who touched the data and when
  • Required fields and default calculations ensure data accuracy and consistency
  • Calculations have been audited by industry veterans, including all of the Big Four firms
  • Standard reports are predictable, consistent, and give you the information you need most

Enjoy Secure and Easy Navigation

  • Rely on flexible, web-based access
  • Two-level permissioning allows for data security
  • SSL encrypted
  • Easily navigate between entities and view composite reports

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